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How to determine Intel SSD Endurance on Mac OS X

I’ve been chatting with @garyorenstein on Twitter about his upgrade from the stock spinning rust HDD in his MacBook Pro, to an Intel 320 Series SSD. This is an upgrade that I’ve undertaken before. I started thinking about endurance. Commercial grade MLC SSD products have a bad reputation for early wear-out. I wanted to see… Read More »

Savannah Stoker Auto-Tune

  The Savannah Stoker is a PID controller upgrade for the Traeger brand of pellet grill. PID controllers get their name from the type of feedback loop they use to control the output. PID is short for “Proportional Integral Derivative”. A good description for those of atechnical bent can be found on the Wikipedia listing for… Read More »

Adding AFP support to Nexenta Core 3.0

Due to the recent abandonment of OpenSolaris by Oracle, I moved my ZFS pools to a Nexenta Core 3.0 installation. In the process, I had lost the netatalk (AFP support) that I had hacked into my OpenSolaris installation.  That AFP support was done using the hints at Nathan Fielder’s blog, both for installation of netatalk… Read More »