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Will Oracle kill off SPARC?

By | October 12, 2010

Oracle’s been busy re-shaping their world, and the world of their acquired business units. Phillip Jaenke (@RootWyrm on Twitter) has a lot of opinions, this time around he’s pieced together some compelling evidence that argues that Oracle doesn’t intend on continuing development (or development that matters, anyhow) on the SPARC platform. http://rootwyrm.us.to/2010/10/sparc-the-future-that-wasnt-and-isnt/ What bothers me… Read More »

OpenSolaris is dead… what now?

By | August 22, 2010

OpenSolaris is dead. Well, it’s not dead, but as good-as-dead.  As announced, er, leaked in mid-August, Oracle will no longer be using the OpenSolaris community as a way to build and strengthen the core Solaris bits with help from the outside community. Rather it is taking OpenSolaris internal, and only releasing Solaris 11 binaries (as Solaris… Read More »