How to customize docker0 network options in Docker

This is a bit of a RANT, and a bit of a HOW-TO.  I probably do a 70% job of addressing either side, but that’s partially due to my frustration with the whole process that got me to this point. I’ve been very frustrated with my initial forays into docker. I wanted to learn docker… Read More »

Pure FlashArray – Quick/Easy Capacity Expansion

I drove up to Dallas the other day to add a shelf of storage for a customer’s DR array. They were very interested in seeing the physical installation, but they are based in San Antonio and it was difficult for them to break away for a day just to watch the install. I decided to document… Read More »

FreeBSD 9.2 supports ZFS TRIM/UNMAP

Just playing around with this today, and it’s very cool. FreeBSD 9.2 now supports TRIM/UNMAP for ZFS. To see if your disk is reporting the capability, look for<device>.delete_method where <device> is the number of the da device, i.e. /dev/da5 is “5” in that place. For example: # sysctl -a | grep delete_method NONE… Read More »

Hybrid Arrays aren’t bullshit, but the name is!

Why in the world has the storage industry come up with this name “Hybrid Array” for arrays that are combinations of Flash (usually SSD) and HDD? At first it makes sense, but when you dig into it, it does not. Most of the enterprise tier 1 and tier 2 disk arrays sold in the past… Read More »

Don’t trust your primary data to a Drobo

I was reminded to data about the availability issues with storage. Of course, I live it every day on the “sell side” working for Pure Storage. But for my home lab and office, I tend to have “less than enterprise” requirements. Even so, my primary use of my DroboElite has been for secondary copies (backups)… Read More »