Updated PGP key

By | August 25, 2013

I have updated my PGP key, as I’ve long lost access to my old keys.

See http://plein.org/pgp or https://blog.plein.org/about/ for my latest public key.

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I've been in the data storage industry since the 1990's, most recently with 3PAR, Fusion-io, and Pure Storage. I'm now with Diamanti, where we make Kubernetes easy and fast. I'm attracted to bright, shiny new objects.

2 thoughts on “Updated PGP key

  1. mike manson

    tried leaving a baby back suggestion and was unable to post????

  2. Bill Plein Post author

    Sorry about the delay. I wasn’t getting emails from the site, please try again on the appropriate page, let me know what works/breaks etc. I’ve updated the server code, things should be OK now.

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