Installing ESXi 5.1 on a new Mac mini 6,2

William Lam (@lamw)of VMware has figured out how to create an ISO image with the necessary tweaks to get ESXi 5.1 to install on the new Mac mini (model 6,2) over at his site, Virtually Ghetto.  Check it out.

Now, if anyone can help me to get ESXi 5.1 installed on my Late 2009 Mac mini (3,1), there’s a case of beer in it for you!

2 thoughts on “Installing ESXi 5.1 on a new Mac mini 6,2

  1. Actually, I did get it going. I believe it was this post that got me going

    The one problem with older minis is that they won’t reboot cleanly when rebooted from vSphere client. You need to manually power cycle them. Also, it doesn’t seem to come up after a power outage. I thought I set it to automatically start from Mac OS X, which should have set the SMC correctly, but maybe I got that wrong.

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